Jul. 15th, 2017

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Title: Thrall
Author: Rusty Armour
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Pairing: Guy of Gisburne/Robin of Loxley; Guy of Gisburne/Baphomet
Characters: Guy of Gisburne, Robin of Loxley, Herne the Hunter, Baphomet
Category: Slash, rape/non-con, post-ep
Rating: NC-17
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sexual acts and dark themes.
Word Count: 5,752
Summary: Gisburne survives the battle at the preceptory only to realize that death might have been a better alternative.
Spoilers: Definite spoilers for The Knights of the Apocalypse and references made to “The Witch of Elsdon,” “Alan A Dale,” “Lord of the Trees,” “The Enchantment,” and “The Greatest Enemy.”
Notes: This is the IOU Gisburne/Loxley fic that I finally finished writing for [profile] raven714’s birthday. It’s a very belated present. *g* I don’t think this is what [profile] raven714 was expecting, and I apologize for that. I often get carried away when writing fic, but this story is much darker, twisted, and kinkier than I’d anticipated. Please read the rating and warning carefully if you haven’t done so already. There may be readers who hate this story or find it offensive. I would just like to remind those readers that this is fanfic, not canon. You don’t have to accept the story.

I should definitely give credit where credit is due. When writing a certain scene, I was very much inspired by [personal profile] fredbassett’s Dark and Dirty (which is part of her Primeval Stephen/Ryan series). Anyone who’s read Dark and Dirty will know the scene when they come across it. *g*

This takes place shortly after The Knights of the Apocalypse.

Disclaimer: This story is based on Richard Carpenter's series Robin of Sherwood. The characters are the property of Richard Carpenter, Robin May, Anthony Horowitz and the RoS production team. This is also based on “The Knights of the Apocalypse” audio adventure, which was based on an original script by Richard Carpenter, directed by Robert Young and produced by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, not to mention the novel written by Jonathan Green.

The whole story can also be found here on AO3

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