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I’m posting these stories chronologically, with my earliest fic at the top of the list. In some cases, the chronology might not be strictly accurate, but I thought it would be less confusing to group stories together by fandom.

Children of the Wheel

Genfic. PG-13. When the Wheel turns, Robin finds himself in another time where Guy of Huntingdon exists instead of Gisburne and everything he once knew has changed.

Robin Hood and the Sheriff’s Mother

Genfic. Humour. When the Sheriff's mother decides to pay her son a visit, chaos ensues in both Nottingham and Sherwood!

The Varlet

Genfic. Parody. Gisburne and that wolfshead must join forces when a new outlaw in town threatens the popularity of Robin Hood and his Not-So-Merry Band!

Silent Knight

Genfic. Parody. Gisburne tells the tale of his first Christmas in Nottingham...Be afraid. Be very afraid. *g*

The Knight’s Charges

Genfic. Humour. Gisburne faces his biggest challenge since the wolfsheads! Will he get through it with his head intact?

The Last Squire

Genfic. PG-13. Humour. Het. Gisburne/Other. Gisburne is catapulted into adventure when he tries to hunt down a vagabond and meets up with an old questing knight instead.

The Reckoning

Genfic. Hurt/comfort. A woman's thirst for vengeance could prove deadly when she unleashes a terrible curse.

The Griffin

Genfic. PG-13ish. Drama. Mystical. A bit hurt/comforty. Written for [personal profile] karen9 to celebrate her birthday and first RoS convention (Hooded Man 2014). Robin has started sleepwalking, but no one knows why. The only clue is the vision of a griffin.

The Feint

Genfic. Adventure. Some humour. Summary: Some plans are more foolproof than others. This story was written for Addie's Faction RA Magazine. It basically started with a first cliffhangery chapter that took about three days to write and ended with a second concluding chapter several months later that required a bit more time and thought. *g*

The White Stag

Genfic. Mystical. Idea based on a Look-In comic strip and written for [personal profile] karen9's birthday. When Robin struggles to decipher his latest vision, he receives help from an unexpected source.


Genfic. Mystical. Adventure. Fic written to celebrate both [personal profile] karen9's and [personal profile] avictoriangirl's birthday. Robin and Gisburne find themselves in an unknown dungeon with no idea of who has captured them or why.


Genfic. Drama. Hurt/Comfortish. This is a fic written for [profile] raven714 on her birthday, inspired by a piece of fanart she created. Gisburne runs into some interesting obstacles when he tries to arrest Marion at Halstead Priory.

The Earl's Son

Genfic. Drama. Post-ep for The Knights of the Apocalypse. Written to celebrate [personal profile] karen9's birthday. Robin has a revelation about his father and is forced to confront the emotions he’s been trying to suppress.


Please read the ratings and tags carefully. NC-17. Slash. Rape/Non-Con. Post-ep for The Knights of the Apocalypse. This is the very belated IOU Gisburne/Loxley fic that I promised [profile] raven714 for her birthday. This story is much darker, twisted, and kinkier than I’d anticipated. Gisburne survives the battle at the preceptory only to realize that death might have been a better alternative.

On the Outside Looking In

Genfic. Mulder returns and Doggett decides that it might be time to transfer to another department.


Genfic. Post-ep for “Medusa”. Doggett thought his troubles had ended when he managed to escape from the subway tunnels, but he hadn't counted on the not-so-gentle ministrations of Special Agent Scully, MD.

Let Sleeping Doggetts Lie

Genfic. Humour. Mulder returns to Squamash with Scully when he suspects that Doggett might have conducted his own investigation there.

A Little Knowledge

Genfic. Humour. Het. Doggett/Reyes. When a small town experiences a high number of domestic incidents for no apparent reason, Doggett and Reyes investigate and end up dealing with problems of their own.

Deliver Us From Evil

Genfic. Angst. Hurt/comfort. Post-ep. for “Empedocles”. Scully gains some firsthand knowledge of the thread of evil when things start to fall apart after the Jeb Dukes case.

Speak No Evil

Genfic. Parody. When the Enterprise is threatened, the brave and heroic Lieutenant Reed must act as Armoury Officer, Chief Engineer and Captain to save the ship.

Land of the Living

Genfic. Angst. Hurt/comfort. Post-ep. “Shuttlepod One”. Tucker and Reed are forced to face some issues they failed to resolve during their shuttlepod adventure.


Genfic. Angst. Hurt/comfort. When the Captain mysteriously disappears, Reed has a brush with the past and begins to question his abilities and his place on Enterprise.

Mad Klingons and Englishmen

Genfic. Parody. Sequel to Speak No Evil. The mission is in jeopardy, Reed's life is in peril, and Archer wants to play hero: it's a typical day on Enterprise.

Circumventing Authority

Slash. Reed/Hayes. NC-17. Post-ep for “Harbinger”. Reed and Hayes engage in another sparring match - a very friendly sparring match.

Standing Down

Slash. Reed/Hayes. NC-17. Angst. Hurt/comfort. Takes place around “Hatchery” and “Damage”. Sequel to Circumventing Authority . Hayes gains some insight into Reed's behaviour and the problems that exist between them.

No Matter What The Cost

Slash. Reed/Hayes. NC-17. Angst. Hurt/comfort. Takes place early in the fourth season. Sequel to Standing Down. Reed finds himself in a parallel universe where he died instead of Hayes.

Lost Souls

Slash. AJ/Webb. NC-17. Angst. Hurt/comfort. AJ struggles with the concept of retirement, while Webb teeters on the edge of self-destruction.

In the Family Way

Slash. Het. McShep. Beckett/Other. MPreg. AU. NC-17. Some are born into families; others create their own.


Genfic. Set shortly after “Reunion”. While visiting Atlantis, O'Neill learns that respect is something that definitely has to be earned.

To Boldly Go Where No Action Figure Has Quite Gone Before

Slash. McShep. PG-13. Action Figures. Humour. Crossover with Enterprise, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.


Slash. McShep PG-13. Post-ep. “Enemy at the Gate”. Parody. Sheppard is thrown into a panic when he overhears what McKay says to Keller while everyone is admiring the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Atlantis.

The Crazy Kitty Caper or the Grand Adventures of Pirate John

Slash. McShep. P-13. Action Figures. Humour. Crossover with Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. John must play the hero to prove his love for...Rodney's cat.

Dreaming With Open Eyes

Slash. Sheppard/Lorne. NC-17. Often what is buried in the unconscious doesn’t stay that way.

Demon Tofu Birthday Surprise: A Supernatural Adventure

Genfic. Parody. Demon Tofu. Dean gets more than he bargained for when he orders Tofu Birthday Surprise.

The Return of the Demon Tofu: A Supernatural Adventure

Genfic. PG-13. Parody. Demon Tofu. Sequel to Demon Tofu Birthday Surprise: A Supernatural Adventure . Sam forces Dean to confront his tofu issues after he has another traumatic experience involving vegan products.

The Time the Winchester Boys Met God or the Terrible Truth About Demon Tofu

Genfic. PG-13. Parody. Crossover with Doctor Who. Demon Tofu. Sequel to The Return of the Demon Tofu: A Supernatural Adventure. While Dean and Sam try to work out how and why Dean was sprung out of hell, they have an unexpected encounter with…God.

Demon Tofu IV: The Rise of Lucifer’s Zombie Horde

Genfic. PG-13. Parody. The Undead. Demon Tofu. Sequel to The Time the Winchester Boys Met God or the Terrible Truth About Demon Tofu. Dean hatches a cunning and dangerous plan to defeat Lucifer.

Ps and Qs

Slash. Lester/Quinn. PG-13. Lester learns that it might not be so lonely at the top after all.

Better Late Than Never

Slash. Lester/Quinn. NC-17. Sequel to Ps and Qs . While Quinn wonders what will come of the kiss, Lester has other things to worry about.


Slash. Lester/Quinn. PG-13. Animal Transformation. Sort of. Sequel to Better Late Than Never. Lester is forced to depend on the people around him when he finds himself in a strange and startling predicament.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Something Wicked This Way Comes

Written for [personal profile] jackycomelately's birthday. PG-13ish, I suppose, though I'd argue it's mostly gen with slashy overtones (e.g. McShep, Doctor/Master?). Action figures. Crossover of Doctor Who, Enterprise, Primeval, Robin of Sherwood, Sherlock Holmes, and Stargate Atlantis. A dark force emerges to wreak havoc in [personal profile] rusty_armour’s abode.

Fall Out Boy Fall Out

It was that time of year again, so [personal profile] jackycomelately needed a birthday fic! The birthday girl asked me to write another action figure story that incorporated Fall Out Boy into the plot. Challenging request? Oh, no. Not at all. *g* Uh, as you might expect, the results are pretty scary. Not only is Fall Out Boy in the mix, but Doctor Who, Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis, Primeval, Robin of Sherwood, Buffy and Harry Potter. Then there's the action figures, of course...This is PG-13ish. Mostly. It definitely leans in the slash direction (both M/M and F/F). The action figures can’t stop singing Fall Out Boy songs – literally. Can the Doctor find a way to save his ears and his friends?

Never Cry Werewolf

For those of you who have suffered through the other birthday fics I've written for [personal profile] jackycomelately, I hardly need to provide a weirdness warning. This year's target was Teen Wolf -- along with a lot of the usual fandoms: Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who (sort of), Primeval (sort of) and Sherlock Holmes. This is more genish than in previous years, though there's still a slight touch of slash. Oh, and here's a big surprise. It has action figures. *g* As is so often the case in September, a mysterious threat is, uh, threatening to threaten the harmonious balance the peace and tranquility of [personal profile] rusty_armour ’s apartment. Again.

The Walkabout

Another extremely BIZARRE story in the action figure fic series. And poor [personal profile] jackycomelately is the victim recipient once again. To make matters worse, I've dragged the Queen into it, or, rather, a model. *g* This is mostly PG-13ish gen with some slashy overtones. And it has most of the usual fandoms: Enterprise, Primeval, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis and some Sherlock Holmes. Disaster strikes during a Royal Walkabout on the bridge of the Enterprise.

But Who Killed Rodney McKay?

As you'd probably expect, this fic is just as insane as all of the other action figure fic, especially as it was written for [personal profile] jackycomelately's birthday. This is a PG-13ish, mostly gen story with heavyish slash overtones. Crossover of Stargate Atlantis, Enterprise, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Primeval, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, and a teeny bit of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in. Not every Man From U.N.C.L.E. story murder mystery is what it seems, especially when action figures are involved.

Clichés Are Forever

The usual birthday offering for [personal profile] jackycomelately. It's crazy and chock full of action figures. It's also gen with unsubtle slash overtones and a crossover with Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis, Primeval, Doctor Who (very slightly), and, at the risk of giving the game away, James Bond. Only one man can save us from the machinations of an evil mastermind set on world domination! Well…maybe not world domination, but I think my balcony might be under threat.

The Cardboard Maneuver

Yet another insane birthday fic for [personal profile] jackycomelately. As usual, it's Action Figure Theatre with not-so-subtle slash overtones. The crew of the Enterprise is in for a shocking revelation after Tucker, Reed and Mayweather make a startling discovery during an away mission.


A Sherlock fic I wrote for [personal profile] secondskin, who was kind enough to bid on this item at the [profile] qldfloodauction. Slash. PG-13ish. Crossover with The X-Files. Mycroft/Lestrade. When an unusual clue turns up during the course of an investigation, Lestrade is thrown into a world he never knew existed and experiences emotions he never thought he’d feel again.

An Isolated Apology

A short Sherlock fic written as a fill for this prompt at [personal profile] ariadnes_string's RUNNING HOT: A Multi-Fandom Fever Fic Comment fic meme. Genfic. Hurt/Comfort. Lestrade, Sherlock, John. Even Sherlock can sometimes recognize when he’s crossed the line, especially when a friend’s health is involved.


I promised [personal profile] fengirl88 that I would write a John/Lestrade fic in honour of her LJ's birthday. However, instead of writing slash, I ended up writing an angsty hurt/comforty John/Lestrade friendship story because this one idea just wouldn't leave me alone. The fall had been inevitable, but Lestrade hadn’t expected anyone to catch him when it happened.

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Short and completely insane fic I wrote in less than two days for [personal profile] impishtubist, who was sick in the hospital. I wish I could blame it on Tylenol Cold Plus, but I can't. Gen. PG-13ish. Humour. Teensy bit of hurt/comfort. Lestrade doesn’t react well to the news of Sherlock’s resurrection.

A Blog Entry for Which the World is Not Yet Prepared

Another short and completely insane fic written over the course of a few days for the Rupert Graves birthday celebration that took place on [profile] dilestrade. However, this story is really a result of [personal profile] jackycomelately's unique theory about the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Once the evil seed was planted, I couldn't resist writing the fic. Gen. PG-13. Humour. Sherlock regifts a unique present on Lestrade’s unbirthday.

The Boathouse

Slashy (if such a term can apply to two canon homosexual characters). PG-13. Parody for Maurice. First two scenes written under the influence of Tylenol Cold Plus. Maurice’s relationship with Scudder turns out to be more complicated than he’d imagined. Can they possibly have their happy ending and the boathouse too?

A Private View

Another short fic. This time I'm targeting A Room with a View and poor E.M. Forster (again). This was written for the [profile] dilestrade Rupert Graves Birthday Meme, though I totally broke the rules by not having Lestrade appear in the story and I'm still very sorry about that. This is NC-17, slash, and pretty much porn, with shades of dubcon no less. Freddy Honeychurch/George Emerson. Freddy has a defining moment at the Sacred Lake.

Buckingham & Shaftesbury: The Schemes and the Theatrics

Although she's refusing to take the blame, it was [personal profile] grassle who planted the idea in my head when she asked me to write a parody of Charles II: The Power and the Passion. Of course, with Rupert Graves playing Buckingham and Martin Freeman playing Shaftesbury, it was a request that was impossible to deny. *g* As you might expect, given the request, this is a parody. It's also NC-17 slash. Buckingham/Shaftesbury. Buckingham and Shaftesbury attempt another grand scheme with surprising and unexpected results.

A Matter of Pride

I have now sunk to an all time low. I've written a fic about lions. Lions. And, yes, two of those lions are Rupert Graves and Martin Freeman, but still...lions. I blame The Truth About Lions for reminding me of the Pride fic idea I thought I'd forgotten. Before anyone panics, this is definitely gen. Linus and Fleck are both searching for something; they just don’t know it yet.

An Awful Biznai

The idea for this story popped into my head when I was on a Stalky & Co kick. I'm entirely to blame for this one, though it's tempting to make Rudyard Kipling and Robert Addie my scapegoats. *g* This is a Maurice / Stalky & Co crossover. It's slash (Maurice/Alec) but of the PG-13 variety. Maurice and Alec are fighting on the Western Front and their future seems rather bleak. Then, a brigadier, who might just be their salvation, lands in the sap one night when Alec’s on sentry duty.

The Peculiar Incident of the Rhinoceros on the Downs

I'm actually surprised that I didn't write a Sherlock Holmes parody sooner. Well, not this particular parody, but something in the parody mold. In this case, I needed to re-read "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane" and await a visit from the parody muse when she was in a particularly mischievous mood. Anywaaaaaaay, this is a gen story that takes place some time after “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane”. On a visit to the Sussex Downs, Watson begins to question his friend’s sanity when, instead of eliminating the impossible, Sherlock Holmes seems to be embracing it.

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