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This post is lonnnng overdue, but I finally took some pictures of the interior of my new place. I know [personal profile] alysscarlet, in particular, was curious to see what it looks like, so I'm sorry for the delay. In my defence, I was still unpacking boxes in December. *g* My apartment is pretty much set up the way I want it now. Okay, there's still a lot of white space, but I will eventually get more items framed and hung on the walls. Anywaaaaaaaaay, less babbling, more pics! Welcome to my very humble abode! )


Jan. 8th, 2017 10:38 pm
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I'm still trying to figure out whether I actually liked "The Lying Detective". I'm finding myself starting to side with the viewers who feel that the plots from Sherlock have become too convoluted, over-dramatic and self-congratulatory. Well, that last adjective seems a bit harsh, but I think "convoluted" and "over-dramatic" are definitely accurate. I wanted to like "The Lying Detective". I really did. Of course, I really wanted to like "The Abominable Bride" too, and I think most of you know how that turned out. Maybe I should have seen it last week with "The Six Thatchers," but the creators of Sherlock seem to have forgotten the purpose of their own show or what Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be about. They think that if they throw in enough clever deductions, madly cackling villains and spectacular standoffs, it will still be Sherlock Holmes, but I think they're seriously close to jumping the shark. I'm sure there are several viewers who feel that Sherlock jumped the shark already. A long time ago. Saying all that, there are things that I like about the episode. Beware of spoilers. )
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In case it isn't obvious, I just finished watching "The Six Thatchers". I have to admit that I didn't go into it with high expectations, which might be why I was so blown away by the episode. I think I'd forgotten how good Sherlock can be without incredibly sexist, patronizing scenes involving KKK suffragettes. Yes, I know it's been a year, but I'm not good at letting things go. At all. Saying that, I think I might be one step closer to forgiving Moffat and Gatiss after tonight.

Massive spoilers for The Six Thatchers. Seriously. Don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled. )
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[profile] raven714 was generous enough to give me a truly fantastic Christmas present! She created gorgeous cover art for Silent Knight and Muninn. Check out the beautiful artwork below:

Thanks again, [profile] raven714! :-D

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I'll be heading to my parents' place tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd better wish everyone a Happy Holidays now.

And here's something else to provide some additional festive cheer:

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News! News from Nottingham! ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Spiteful Puppet is hoping to release a new series of four 60-minute adventures that will include the original cast (even Michael Praed as Loxley). In order for this campaign to get off the ground, there needs to be 2000 initial orders. Here's the Spiteful Puppet media release if you'd like to learn more. The pre-order price is a tad bit pricey at £40.00, though it's not completely unreasonable when compared to some of the box sets at Big Finish. Unfortunately, I can't justify spending that kind of money right now, but I'm hoping Spiteful Puppet can make their pre-order target without me and that I'll be able to order a box set or downloads later on.

If you're interested in pre-ordering the box set, you can do so here. Apparently, there have been some glitches with the website, but Spiteful Puppet is working on the problem. There isn't a campaign page yet (as with the KOTA project), but I'll post the URL if one is created.

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Apparently, new orders can be made for The Knights of the Apocalypse novel until December 3rd. However, as the proceeds for the novel will benefit The Sherwood Forest Trust and The British Red Cross, a certain number of copies need to be sold to make the endeavour worthwhile. If you put in an order and the print run doesn't go through, your money will be refunded.

To learn more (and possibly place an order), click on this link.

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I only learned about this a short time ago, so I'm still trying to process the news. Robert Vaughn passed away yesterday at the age of 83 of acute leukemia. I know we've lost a lot of wonderful people this year, but this one is hitting me particularly hard -- maybe because I've been a Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan for so many years. Of course, Vaughn is more than just The Man From U.N.C.L.E., but I'll always remember him most fondly as Napoleon Solo.

[profile] funkyinfishnet put it much more fully and eloquently in this beautiful tribute.

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On Saturday, my dad, siblings and I went to Uxbridge to take a train trip on the York-Durham Heritage Railway. This special railway travels along part of the same route (from Uxbridge to Stouffville) that once made up the Toronto and Nipissing (T&N) Railway. The Toronto and Nipissing Railway was built in the late 1860s so that its owner, William Gooderham, a well-known distiller from Toronto, could transport grain to his distillery, lumber for export, and cordwood for resale. Service between Toronto and Uxbridge began in 1871, though the railway never extended to its intended target of Lake Nipissing (North Bay).

We all had a particular interest in this railway because my dad's grandparents settled in Uxbridge after emigrating from Britain. In fact, my dad used to have numerous relatives in Uxbridge. I'll mention two of these relatives later on in this entry. Yes, it's another post with pictures, but this time there's trains! )
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I finally managed to dig up my digital camera and got a bit carried away this past Thanksgiving weekend... Clickety-click for the pickety-pics! )
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On Friday, my mom and I went to an excellent Chihuly exhibit at the ROM. Chihuly is the brainchild of artist Dale Chihuly, who began experimenting with glass as an art form several years ago. Chihuly can be anything from intricate small scale pieces to major installations in public spaces. And words really don't do this artwork justice... I'm not kidding. This artwork is going to seriously impress you. )
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I think this parody speaks for itself:

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[profile] raven714 has created a FANTASTIC vid combining werewolf mythology with Robin of Sherwood -- specifically "The Time of the Wolf". The song used in the vid is in Czech, but [profile] raven714 has kindly provided a translation.

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I had my first guest come to stay at my new place on Friday. EX Weekend had rolled around again, so my mom and I made our annual pilgrimage to the CNE. It took a lot of work to whip this apartment into half-decent shape, but my mom seemed very happy with how the place looked. Anywaaaaaay, it was a fun weekend and a very welcome break for both of us. Click for pics! )
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I've been meaning to post an update for the last three or four days, but I've got WICKED PMS at the moment and can't even seem to cope with writing a blog entry. *g* The move was completely exhausting and I swore to my poor family that I would hire professional movers next time. I never want to put anyone through that again. I also promised that I would never try to move my futon frame again. It will be dismantled (possibly by a chainsaw) and made into firewood before my next move. I will be treating my slaves family to a very nice dinner at some point in the near future. Anywaaaaaaay, enough moaning. The move was successful and I'm slowly unpacking things and settling in. My mom helped me unpack most of the essentials (e.g. kitchen and bathroom items) on Monday and Tuesday, so at least I wasn't in too bad a shape when I started back to work on Wednesday. PMS aside, I think I'm adjusting fairly well and will love my new place in time. It's certainly an improvement over the last one.

I've had one friend request photos, so I'll take some pictures when I manage to find my camera (though I could use my tablet) and the place is a bit more presentable. The interior is actually surprisingly spacious (for a basement bachelor apartment) and will probably seem even more so when I get rid of all the boxes. *g*

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Wishing [personal profile] crimsoncorundum a very Happy Birthday! :-D

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This in no way compares to the wonderful Mallory fic that she wrote for my own birthday present, but I hope [profile] funkyinfishnet will still get a kick out of this very humble card:

I hope you have an absolutely FANTASTIC birthday, [profile] funkyinfishnet! Very BEST wishes and many happy returns!

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Title: Muninn (2/2)
Author: Rusty Armour
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Characters: Sir Guy of Gisburne, Marion of Leaford
Category: General, drama, post-eppy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,630
Summary: Gisburne runs into some interesting obstacles when he tries to arrest Marion at Halstead Priory.
Spoilers: Definite spoilers for “The Time of the Wolf” and “The Cross of St. Ciricus”.
Notes: This story is a birthday present for [profile] raven714, which is fitting because I was originally inspired by this piece of fanart that [profile] raven714 created:

It only took, like, two months, but I finally finished writing [profile] raven714’s birthday fic. As so often happens, this story ended up being longer and more complicated than I expected – probably because I was working with such a wonderfully evocative image. However, I had a lot of fun and found the whole process very satisfying.

This takes place a couple of weeks after “The Time of the Wolf”.

Disclaimer: This story is based on Richard Carpenter's series Robin of Sherwood. The characters are the property of Richard Carpenter, Robin May, Anthony Horowitz and the RoS production team.

The whole story can now be found here on AO3

Muninn (2/2) )


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