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Last weekend, my mom came to stay with me as it was time for our annual pilgrimage to the EX. She arrived on Thursday night, so we were able to have a really nice meal at Mexico Lindo and do some shopping in my area on Friday. We also went to see Dunkirk on Sunday. As some of you know, we always aim to visit the EX on the Saturday of the cat show, but this year there was the added bonus of some extra Canadiana because of Canada 150. Here be pics! )
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I finally managed to dig up my digital camera and got a bit carried away this past Thanksgiving weekend... Clickety-click for the pickety-pics! )
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I had my first guest come to stay at my new place on Friday. EX Weekend had rolled around again, so my mom and I made our annual pilgrimage to the CNE. It took a lot of work to whip this apartment into half-decent shape, but my mom seemed very happy with how the place looked. Anywaaaaaay, it was a fun weekend and a very welcome break for both of us. Click for pics! )
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It's taken me close to two weeks, but I'm finally posting photos from my annual pilgrimage to the EX (Canadian National Exhibition). As usual, there are pictures of cats and sand sculptures. However, this year there are also pictures from The Game is Afoot: Consulting Sherlock Holmes Exhibit and a Virtue and Moir ice skating show (Bon Voyage! Aerial Acrobatic & Ice Skating Show). Well...I only managed to get three not-so-awful photos from the ice skating show, but I think I got some pretty good coverage of the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. She obsessively snapped pictures at a Sherlock Holmes exhibit. What a huge surprise. )
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During Easter weekend, I managed to take pictures of some adorable bunnies cats. Thankfully, my sister is around to document family events as I didn't exactly get any human snapshots... Fuzzy wuzzy widdle kitties! )
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No, I didn't lose track of time completely or just wake up from a three-day hangover. I'm just posting this entry later than I intended. Originally, I was going to post it shortly after Christmas, but I was busying cleaning my apartment for New Year's Eve, reading fic and Stephen Fry's More Fool Me, and slacking off in general. Then, for a couple of days after New Year's, I had mini-migraines because of my period (and possibly the weather), so I didn't feel like posting either. However, today, I've been migraine-free (so far) and feeling pretty chipper (e.g. my hormones have levelled out), so I'm blogging instead of napping (like the last two days). Wow. This sounds absolutely fascinating. Please, do go on. )
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While recently visiting my parents, I saw Tuppence walking (or, rather, stomping) across the living room and the image of Felicia from The Great Mouse Detective popped into my head. I wish I were kidding. )
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I took some photos last weekend during Canadian Thanksgiving, but I'm only now getting around to posting them. The majority of them were taken when my mom, sister and I took a walk in and around the Guild Inn. However, I did manage to snap some pictures of Tuppence with her mommy. They’re really cute. You’ll totally regret it if you don’t take a look. )
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Just wrapped up another annual EX weekend with my mom. For those who aren't in the know, my mom comes to stay for the weekend every August so that we can take in the Canadian National Exhibition, though we always do other things as well. For example, on Friday, we paid a visit to my mom's favourite shop, Adornments on Queen and went to see The Hundred-Foot Journey. As usual, we both spent more money than we'd planned. I hadn't intended to spend any money in Adornments on Queen and came out with a beautiful wooden box and a tiny stone figurine of two cats. I had hoped not to buy a lot at the EX and came away with a piece of blue calcite, some fudge, two DVDs, two CDs and two large and heavy books, though Supernatural was a real find and, as my mom pointed out, the CNE only comes around once a year. I can also take some comfort in the fact that the later purchases were all discount items...Anywaaaaaaaay, we both had a lot of fun, and I know my mom appreciated the break.

Of course, no trip to the EX would be complete without some photos... Beware of fluffy felines and geeks in dresses. )
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I've been meaning to transfer photos from my cell phone to my laptop for weeks now and finally got around to it today -- probably because it's a holiday. Happy Victoria Day, btw! :-) Because it’s me, you so know it’s going to be cats. )
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I brought my camera with me yesterday when visiting my parents because I heard that Tuppence had started carrying bits of paper in her mouth and was playing impromptu games of soccer. Of course, I managed to forget to put the charged battery back inside the camera and didn't manage to get any pictures of Tuppence playing soccer. However, I did get these other shots using my cell phone. I think they turned out surprisingly well. Oh, suck it up. I’m a cat person. )


Feb. 24th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Here are the promised photos of Tuppence (a.k.a. the adorable Persian princess). Warning: Content may contain images of excessive cuteness and fluff (literally). Viewer discretion is advised. )
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I have a BBC program called Wonders of Life on in the background and caught this wonderful clip of the most adorable lion cub I've ever seen with the possible exception of the Rupert Graves lion cub from Pride. Yeah, okay. I'm hormonal at the moment. However, I'm sure that even without the PMS cocktail from hell in my system, I'd still be all gooey inside. Just had to share. Watch it, dammit!

The new cat is coming home tomorrow, and I'm hoping to see her on Sunday. My mom has decided on the name Tuppence (as in Tommy and Tuppence). Uh, she was apparently reading about Agatha Christie on Wikipedia and gained her inspiration from there. *g*

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My mom first mentioned it to me on the weekend, but it's now official. Barnaby and Oakley are going to have a new sister. Resistance is futile! )

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We had our first white Christmas in many years. Unfortunately, that white Christmas meant an ice storm that knocked out the power in several thousand homes in Eastern Canada and the U.S. Toronto was hit really hard. I was extremely lucky that my apartment building was spared, but my parents live in Scarborough, the area that was hit the hardest by the storm. My parents were without power from Sunday until the very early hours of Thursday morning. Saying that, they were very fortunate compared to a lot of people. No, seriously. We didn't even have to revert to cannibalism. )
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Sleep well, little one. )
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Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, though my family had its main celebration on Sunday night. Thinking of Christmas cards and letters, I took a number of pictures. My sister helped as well. I thought I'd share some of the best blackmail photos here. Yes, it's one of those entries. )
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This past weekend was the annual EX pilgrimage. As usual, my mom came to stay, and we had a WONDERFUL time. And by 'wonderful' I mean that we spent a lot of money, pigged out, etc. )


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