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This year, my brother was brave enough to accompany me during this year’s Doors Open weekend. As usual, it was a challenge to narrow down the choices when there were so many buildings to choose from. In the end, we decided to focus on the area around Yonge and King and visited St. James Cathedral, Tom Jones Steakhouse, and the Commerce Court North. I think we managed to sample a good variety of buildings, each of which serves very different purposes. Sorry it took two weeks to post this. I'm hoping it was worth the wait. )
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I should have posted this over a week ago, but I'm hoping it was worth the wait. My mom, sister and I took advantage of Doors Open Toronto again this year and visited three fabulous locations in Scarborough. I'll provide a bit of background on each place, but this entry will mostly be made up of pictures. Pretty pictures of pretty places! )
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On Sunday, my mom, sister and I decided to visit some of the buildings being featured in this year's Doors Open Toronto. Given the popularity of the Old Don Jail last year, I suggested that we hit the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre first as it was the place we all wanted to see most. It won't just be me droning on. There are pretty pictures as well. )
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One of my wishes came true today! Thanks to Doors Open Toronto, I was able to take a tour of the Old Don Jail. Yes, this is one of the many strange ways I pass time on the weekend. )


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