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As a number of people enjoyed my Gibraltar Point Lighthouse post, I thought I'd share this Creepy Canada vid I found on YouTube. We can thank my sister for this. After reading my report, she said the story seemed really familiar and thought it might have been featured on Creepy Canada. As it turns out, she was right! :-)

Whoops! Sorry about that! This is what I get for posting a vid before watching all of it! The last 45 seconds of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse story (*rolls eyes*) can be found at the beginning of this vid:

BTW, I would take the Creepy Canada version of the story with a huge grain of salt. There are several inaccuracies, such as the murder conviction that took place 80 years later (WTF?), so it's pretty obvious that the producers took a number of artistic liberties.

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Tonight, I had the opportunity to see inside the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which is very rarely open to the public. In fact, this tour wouldn't have been possible at all if the founder of Muddy York Tours hadn't spent two years pleading his case to Toronto Parks & Rec. And I wouldn't have even known there was a tour if [profile] pyrateanny hadn't been kind enough to give me the heads up. Lots of pics of a haunted lighthouse this way! )
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On Saturday, I visited Mackenzie House, Todmorden Mills, and Spadina House as part of a ghost research course. Yes, you read that correctly. And, no, I didn't have any paranormal experiences, but I did manage to take some rather nice pictures that I thought I'd share. What's in it for me? )
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For this year’s annual Halloween ghost walk, I decided to go solo and not drag any friends along. I also decided to book with Muddy York Walking Tours instead of Tasty Tours because I had already gone on the ghost walk Shirley was offering a couple of years ago. And, while I knew I might be covering some of the same ground I had covered before, I thought Muddy York’s The Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto should still be interesting.

Let’s do the time warp again! )
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Well, it's not as if NCIS is on this week. )
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Can you spot the ghost? )
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For once, I actually did something on Halloween instead of just sitting at home stuffing my face with chocolate. No, this year I planned ahead and booked spots for my friend A and I on the Tasty Tours Phantoms, Players & Pundits Walk! I ain't afraid of no ghosts! )
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On Saturday night, my mom, sister and I went on the Haunted Kensington, Chinatown & Grange Walk ghost tour. Who you gonna call? )


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