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The groundhog has turned. The sweet, sociable Edwards Gardens' groundhog of old has become downright confrontational. I'll admit that I may have been partly to blame. I chose to bring a bagel with peanut butter for lunch. The smell of peanut butter alone might have been enough to entice the groundhog. I had been feeding some crackers to a black squirrel and hoped the groundhog would be satisfied with crackers too. It wasn't. My pitiful shrieks and frantic shooing motions wouldn't deter the groundhog either. It almost jumped up on the bench while I was sitting there. As I quickly packed away my lunch, it circled the bench and actually nudged my foot with its snout. It was at this point that I leapt up from the bench and beat a hasty retreat. The groundhog was trying to climb up the back of the bench as I fled to a new spot.

I think I was sitting on the same bench last year when I almost ended up with a squirrel in my lap, so I suppose it could be the location. However, I suspect that people like me are to blame. If you're going to feed animals, you shouldn't be surprised when those same animals begin to associate people with food and become increasingly aggressive and brazen, especially if peanut butter is involved. I know the groundhog was only interested in my bagel, but it still freaked me out. I enjoy seeing wildlife up close, but not that close. *g*

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I didn't think lightning could strike twice, but, apparently, it can! I was at Edwards Gardens today to do some writing and a spot of reading, when the groundhog made his triumphant return! Well, I'm assuming it's the same groundhog from last year. He was haunting the same area (though I was sitting on a different bench this time) and it seems unlikely that another groundhog would possess the same nerve and courage as the one I saw previously. I'm pretty sure it's the same one. And this time I got pictures! Okay, not brilliant pictures as I only had my cellphone on me, but pictures all the same! )
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I was at Edwards Gardens this afternoon when I had an expected encounter with a groundhog. Yes, it's another exciting post from rusty_armour. Yippee. )


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