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Today, is the last day of JuauNo, my self-imposed writing challenge for the summer. And, yes, I realize that it's technically still summer, but I'm not going to have any time to work on my original fiction/novel project at all in September, so this seemed like a good day to wrap up. Anywaaaaaaay, my grand total now stands at...*drumroll*...19,309 words. Not wonderful but better than it could be. I managed to write over 7,000 words during JuauNO, though, obviously, I wish I could have written more. A lot more. However, I'm a slow writer and original fiction (for me, anyway) is much harder than fic. Saying that, I'm finding it easier as I go because I've become more familiar with the characters and have managed to get a better feel for how they should speak and act. I think I've got a better picture of the overall plot, though I have fears about whether I'll be able to stretch it out to novel length. I also think that events I just wrote about are coming too soon, so I have a feeling that I'll be adding in some additional scenes before that particular aspect of the plot. As a friend said to me, it's a lot like working on a puzzle because you're trying to fit in all the pieces. This project definitely feels like that. In a way, I'll be glad of a break because my batteries need recharging.
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I've been reluctant to post about this for fear of jinxing my current lucky streak, but my muse has really been pulling out all the stops lately. I've made it my goal to finish as much of the rough draft as I can for my crappy novel (a friend suggested that I might be more motivated to write if I stopped referring to this project as "my crappy novel") this summer, and my muse apparently got the message. Bla, bla, writing. Talking about writing again. Oh! There's a rec for a great blog! )
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I'm on the Sleuth of Baker Street email list, so, earlier in the week, I received an invitation to a book launch for a mystery anthology called Nefarious North. However, if I'm going to be completely honest, I was more interested in the writers that would be there as some of them write for the paranormal genre. Anywaaaaaay, the book launch was this afternoon, so I went to buy a copy of the book (Yes, I do have some scruples and a genuine interest in the anthology) and pick some writers' brains. Yeah, I'm pretty shameless. )


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