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I really should have posted about this sooner, but I'm sad to say that Trail of Robin of Sherwood is closing down. If you haven't visited this website before, you really should check it out. Trail of Robin of Sherwood is probably best known for its excellent RoS locations guidebook and map that were no doubt born out of painstaking research. I'm ashamed to confess that I never bought a copy of either of these items, though I had always meant to. Unfortunately, the guidebook is sold out, but I'm going to grab a copy of the locations map while I can. The site shop has a wonderful collection of RoS merchandise, such as t-shirts, bags and keychains. There's even a Silver Arrow USB memory stick. All merchandise is on sale until July 1st, which is when the website closes down. If you're looking for con gear or some delightful RoS mementos, I would suggest you go sooner rather than later in case the item you want sells out.

Update: I bought the locations map, Albion keychain and the Silver Arrow USB memory stick. It could have been worse. I was looking at the t-shirts and seriously considering a Herne drawstring bag as well. *g* The price of my order wasn't too bad. Including shipping and handling, it came to about $13 Canadian.

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